We're not just a butchery!

We also provide the following services:

Our wide range of:
Coldmeat platters

Continental Cheese Platters

Cheese platter
Lots of imported cheese!

Hot trays with assorted sausages, schnitzel and meats.
Pancakes and pies - Many different flavours.
We cook for any occasion: Nice gulash, or eisbein with sauerkraut. U.S.W.
For Sunday catering services for platters, please ask for Susi.

All year round we do hampers with imported delicatessen, cold meats and cheeses. 
You may also have wine and beer included in the hampers.

From October through December we start preparing for Christmas and import a wide range of biscuits, chocolates, Stollen and lots of decorations for a traditional Christmas!

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Monday to Friday
8:00AM to 5:00PM

7.30AM to 2PM

Call us on Tel:
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